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Legal Reasonable access The close dovetailing of Part M of the Building Regulations to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) represents a clear shift in both access policy and legislation, writes Simon Loveday, Partner, Vizards Wyeth Solicitors Issue 39 - Winter 2006

Reasonable access Contaminated land: who pays? The Environment Act is designed to identify which land is contaminated, who polluted it and require them to clean it up. Although the principle of ‘the polluter pays’ is enshrined in the law, if the original polluter cannot be found the current owner could be landed with the bill for the clean up Issue 38 - Autumn 2006

Contaminated land: who pays? Catalysts for tackling climate The Government has adopted a number of different policies with a view to tackling the problem of climate change. These include various legal and voluntary instruments designed to drive the industry increasingly towards energy efficient construction practice. Issue 37 - Summer 2006

Catalysts for tackling climate Sustainability - but at what cost? Recent national and EU legislation, and the policies of national and local Government, reflect a growing realisation and acceptance within our society that we need to be more responsible and concerned about our impact on the environment. Issue 36 - Spring 2006

Sustainability - but at what cost? Surveyors on the front line with The Party Wall etc Act The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is in its eighth year since its implementation on July 1 1997, and the existence and workings of the Act is slowly coming to the attention of all those undertaking building works, or those neighbouring such works, see here for party wall notice information costs. Issue 35 - Winter 2005

Surveyors on the front line with The Party Wall etc Act Compliance and enforcement of the Building Regulations The Local Authority has a general duty to enforce the regulations in its area and will seek to do so by informal means wherever possible. Issue 35 - Winter 2005

Compliance and enforcement of the Building Regulations Housing warranties under scrutiny The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has, since April 2003, required that newly built or converted housing be signed off by solicitors and licensed conveyancers, or ‘finalled’ by an approved warranty organisation prior to the release of mortgage funds. Issue 34 - Autumn 2005

Housing warranties under scrutiny Counting the cost of compliance The UK Government has proposed changes to the Building Regulations to reflect its commitment to reducing build-related emissions. For the past three years, property developers have been prompted to embrace and adhere to the new Building Regulations. Issue 33 - Summer 2005