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Health and Safety

Health and Safety Renewed impetus for health and safety in construction The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is expected to launch a set of revised health and safety regulations and planned maintenance for construction following an unprecedented period of consultation with the industry Issue 40 - Spring 2007

Renewed impetus for health and safety in construction Asbestos: your duties explained Asbestos-related disease caused by past exposure to asbestos is the UK’s biggest work related killer. Dr Kevin Walkin looks at some of the essential responsibilities for dutyholders Issue 40 - Spring 2007

Asbestos: your duties explained Lessons for London 2012

History is littered with disasters at major public events that have cost the lives of many thousands of people across the globe and continue to occur with a worrying regularity despite the lessons learnt over decades Issue 40 - Spring 2007 Lessons for London 2012

Revised asbestos regulations now in force The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, which were laid in Parliament in October, came into force on November 13 Issue 39 - Winter 2006

Revised asbestos regulations now in force Working at height The HSE has issued guidance for those responsible for a site where working at height is an issue. Work at height means work in any place where, if precautions were not taken, a person could fall down and injure themselves Issue 39 - Winter 2006

Working at height Managing the asbestos threat William Chambers, director of Bury and Liverpool-based environmental consultancy, Leyden Kirby Associates, examines the enduring threat of asbestos and outlines how the construction industry can help monitor and manage the problem successfully Issue 38 - Autumn 2006

Managing the asbestos threat HSE steps up site safety campaign Slips and trips are regularly the biggest single cause of reported injuries in the construction industry. Most of those accidents could be easily avoided by effective management of good order issues on sites. Issue 37 - Summer 2006

HSE steps up site safety campaign Tighter controls on asbestos ahead? Asbestos is still one of the most serious occupational health issues, in terms of fatalities, that the UK has ever faced, writes Thomas Slater, Asbestos Policy and Delivery Manager, Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Issue 36 - Spring 2006

Tighter controls on asbestos ahead? Corporate manslaughter – is the end in sight? Andy Sneddon, Health and Safety Director at the Construction Confederation, recently gave evidence to a House of Commons committee on the issues facing the construction industry from current proposals to introduce a new offence of corporate manslaughter. Issue 35 - Winter 2005

Corporate manslaughter – is the end in sight? Opinion sought on asbestos regulation The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) published a consultative document in November seeking comments on proposed amendments to its asbestos regulations and an Approved Code of Practice – and there’s still time to make your voice heard. Issue 35 - Winter 2005